I started blogging in June 2010 right here with this blog, same URL, but I called it Cathy Kennedy's Blog. Isn't that original? I revamped the looks of this site with a new header that I created (I borrowed from my original photo-art on my primary blog, see below, and I made a few modification) and changed the title of this site.

A long time dream was one day to have one of my children's stories published which I did through self-publishing and so blogging started as a means to promote my first children's book.

Along the way I met others interested in helping me but I sales were a disappointment. The worst part than not becoming a successful author is I lost interest in writing for children.  I think the thought of writing for profit and my wasted efforts squashed the thrill to create with words and it taught me that's not what I'm meant to do. I did find out I loved blogging!

My blogging life stretched and grew beyond Cathy Kennedy's Blog. I found a more original, more meaningful title, "Curious as a Cathy (CAAC)", which initally rolled out on Blogger before migrating to Wordpress Spring 2014. I did discover one thing I wished I hadn't done and that was deleting my CAAC blog because someone came right in behind me stealing the URL. *sigh*

Seven years passed like a blink. The house is empty of children. I am not world-famous writer. I don't even have a job. The question still remains, what should I do next? Can I turn my passion for writing into a career? Is blogging the platform needed to push my dream forward?

The answers  are unclear but I'm eager to tap deeper within exposing myself to a richer understanding of who I am and how I want to express myself in Blogosphere.  Once more I'm stretching and grewing in the bloggy kinda way.

This is a new beginning with my first love, my first blog, and these are my....