Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Important Notification

I have created a brand new blog. Nearly all of the content from Cathy Kennedy's Blog successfully migrated over, but certain things did not make it. Like, comments, widgets, stats, etc. It's kind of like starting all over.

Please be patient with me, as my new blog is still under construction. I hope to get things in order in short time. So, if you're looking for my normal weekly post, then you know what you gotta do, right? That's right! Join me at my new site - Curious as a CAThy and be sure to follow me on Google+!


  1. Hey there, I already follow you via Google+ and obviously received your notice. :)

  2. you are very brave. Good luck with your new site. {:-D

  3. I'm glad that I got your notice, too. Best wishes with the new blog!

    I'm trying to get back up to speed after David's recent hospital stay and can't seem to get it in gear. I'm glad that things are going better for you now. :)

    Have a great day.

  4. I must have been way out of the loop since I didn't realize you were creating a new blog! You best believe I already subscribed :D


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