Thursday, November 7, 2013

Help needed

Okay, I have a tiny glitch with Curious as a CAThy and I was hoping someone out there can help.

I have two problems.

The first one is,  if I go to Google to search for "curious as a cathy" nothing comes up, except for any posts where I mentioned here on this blog. What am I doing wrong? I have my settings selected for my blog to be  placed on the search lists, but nothing is happening.

Second, I found I cannot search within my new blog. For instance, if I want to look for a blog post on "Monday's Music Moves Me", it says search found none or something crazy like that. The search configuration box in settings has changed and no longer gives me the option to select blog and link. How do I get around this?

Is anyone else experiences issues such as these or am I out in the cold on this.

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  1. Well all I can think of is everything is under your old blog's name. Until you change it to the new name it's not going to find anything because what you did was under the old name, not the new one. You did what one or two Posts under that name, and be careful with Google it will not copy anything for you to the new name. It would have to be a whole new account and starting from scratch. So unless you want to start from scratch I'd keep the old name.
    I don't claim to know everything about that stuff, but I have a problem with google analytics ever since I changed my blogs name. It use to be The New XmasDolly and now it's only XmasDolly. Go figure.


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