Thursday, April 12, 2012

Under Pressure Until the Day is Done

I'm feeling a little

It's safe to say, my world is kinda

There are times when I am an

Years from now, I know this time -- your special time will be

for each of us. Despite the chaos you'll see I was

Because I was

Right up,

Thank you DS for the opportunity to do this for you!

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1. How do handle being under pressure? I do a lot of head banging. Well, not really. That would only add more hurt to injury. I do a lot of deep breathing and try to let go of the things that don't have to be done with few regrets. If the pressure I'm under is associated with a happy event like I'm facing at the moment, then I know everything I am doing will come together in the end and I'll be efforts will be rewarded.

2. Once the pressure is lifted, what do you want to do most? The first thing I want to do is have a long unwinding period, usually an entire weekend to do nothing, but relax. That's what I'm going to do come Saturday night May 26th. You can bet  your last dollar there the odds are in favor of a no-show in Blogville come Monday morning, too. lol 

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  1. I have ushered myself over to here as per your request.
    Great post for the letter U!!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting.

  2. how fun! I take deep breaths too! Thanks for the e-mail link! {:-D

  3. This is an awesome post with some truly fantastic musical choices!

    Herding Cats

  4. What a cool, musical post!

    This was fun.

    And I liked reading your answers, too...


  5. yes, I found this to be "interesting', 'funny' and 'cool'♫♪

  6. I have some wonderful friends I can unwind with and vent with. They are awesome. Another wonderful stress reliever is communing with our Father.

    Paper is a wonderful place to unleash those feelings too.

  7. I usually get stuck on whatever it is that stresses me out, keep working on it.
    After the pressure is gone, I would want to have a glass of wine, eat my favorite food, and relax.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. 1. Sometimes I get a little short with people that don't deserve me being short with. Back when I was in college my stomach would hurt before some exams.

    2. Applogize to anyone I've been short with. Even if they were a part of the problem I try to make peace.

    Bonus answer: Back when I had a motorcycle I could just cop out and go for a long ride. All by myself.
    Jim's Thursday Two Questions

  9. This was a very Uplifting post...

    I love the Unique style with the different songs...

    And Under Pressure is an awesome song!

    Excellent job!



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