Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hugh Jackman Visits Knoxville

Photo borrowed from wbir.com

My opportunity was lost ! Yesterday, superstar, Hugh Jackman hit the red carpet in our fair city for his movie premiere Real Steel.

Local news captured his enthusiasm in a brief interview.

He was quoted saying, "They're (speaking of the Knoxville fans) much warmer. Uh, it's a very vibrant, enthusiastic crowd and they're kind of polite at the same time. In LA, there would be a lot more security."

His movie, Real Steel, initially was one that didn't grab my attention because it's not the sort of flick that appeals to me personally. However, after seeing his warm appearance before our local news crew, then my interest has become peaked.  Maybe...I will take a second look at his movie.

Real Steel opens in box offices this Friday, October 7.


  1. I haven't even heard of that movie. But then, I don't usually pay attention to them anyway. But I would have perked right up if Hugh Jackman came to town! LOL

  2. I love how he promotes a movie...he is always so enthusiastic and friendly. I get the sense that he just truly enjoys the process and has fun with it. He doesn't appear to take it too seriously - he "gets" that it's entertainment. And that makes him a great entertainer.
    And yeah, it helps that he's totally hot, so will definitely be going to see it! ha

  3. I've heard that it's a very family friendly movie...and I would think that having him in town wouldn't hurt business too much! :)


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