Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Autumn Is Here" Poem...Alphabe-Thursday & T2Q

Autumn Is Here
(c) 2011 Cathy Kennedy

Leaves of red and gold
Once on tree branches held
Lay now on the ground
Beneath my trampling feet I found
Came a crinkling - crackling sound 

Above my head wispy clouds fly
Across velvet blue sky
Like a dandelion wish
Greeting me with a kiss

Photo borrowed:

Umber fields naked and still
Orange pumpkins lay in rows
A little, wide-eyed girl I spy
Standing high on tip-toes
Watching a white-tail doe
Chase a black crow

Photo borrowed:

Tasty sweet, yellow delicious
A treat so good and nutritious
Sprinkles of reddish-brown cinnamon,
Ginger, nutmeg, oh my
Baked up in an apple pie

Photo borrowed:

Crimson berries we are missing
Cranberry relish we are wishing
Amber firelight's glow
Dashing away the cold

Photo Borrowed:

Outside the wind cries,
"Autumn is here."
"Autumn is here."
"But wait, winter is near!"

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Jenny Matlock
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Poetry is something I'm dappling in.  Let's face it, this just doesn't come to me naturally. My T2Q are:

  1. This is my second attempt at writing poetry, what did you think...honestly?
  2. Autumn's changing beauty fills me with a sense of happiness, what fall colors do you enjoy most?


  1. I thought that the poem was upbeat and cheery. Keep at it!
    Colours - I love the scarlet and deep purple of an eastern autumn - the colours that come when you have enormous Norway Maples.

  2. Another lovely poem....the sky, the wind, the apples, the crackling sounds. Love that you included all of the senses of fall!

  3. Nice poeme !

    Outside the wind cries,
    "Autumn is here."
    "Autumn is here."
    "But wait, winter is near!"

    and that's why I don't like autumn at all !

  4. I enjoyed the warm and spicy flavor of this poem. Keep writing them!

    You definitely got me in the spirit of autumn!!


  5. Poem beautifully balanced with beautiful images!


  6. ...And your poetry is most lovely! I won't be chasing any crows anytime soon, but that crackling fire looks inviting...although it will have to's gonna still be around the 60's here over the weekend into next week! HooRaY!

  7. Me again!

    Just to thank you for your lovely comment over at my place!


    Btw Yes, my novel is available in the USA on (link on my sidebar) while the independent reader reviews are on! (Also linked in the sidebar.) Hope this helps and you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

  8. I love the smells of fall as much as the colors and crisp air! Lovely post.

  9. I like the spices and the amber firelight glow. Have you thought of experimenting with poetry which doesn't rhyme? Keep at it. It's a whole new world. Well done you :)

  10. I thought your approach to poetry is lighthearted and reminds me of those scholars in the past (the ones that were told by my parents.) These scholars' expertise were to bring peace, love and happiness upon the people they bestowed. Also because these scholars would not have braun, they would battle with their brains. It's a compliment - I hope you's received it that way. :-)

  11. I like it, you summed up all the wonders of autumn. The part about the snow however is a little 'chilling'. :)

    We still have lots of green and we are just now seeing a few of the trees change. My favorites are always the reds and golds.

  12. Lovely! I think Fall is my favorite season!~Ames

  13. Lovely images, lovely words. I don't want to have winter come... Autumn is my favourite season, and it is far too short.

  14. I think you did a wonderful job with your poem!! Brava!!

  15. The poem was nice, I am not much of a poet myself. I don't understand why the deer would be chasing a crow?

    My favorite color of autumn, well I live on a beach, and not many people realize this, but the water and sand change color as the weather gets colder. The water gets a little less green and a little more blue. The sand gets a bit more brown. As if the colder weather and reduced sunlight has given the sand a nega tan.

  16. You did great with the poem, making it alive and interesting!

    2. I love orange, yellow, greenish fall colors. I hope to drive just to see them this eyar.


  17. You've captured the beauty and the allure of Fall in your poem! sounds like a wonderful time of year. sigh....

  18. Seems like you've written poetry before :) Happy Autumn to you!

  19. Practice makes perfect! Look at you writing wonderful poetry!!!


    Loved the imagery you painted here.

    This was really a sweet little stop this week for Fall Break!

    Thanks for sharing your new found talents! I love anyone who takes on a challenge.



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