Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tieing my two Thursday memes together is an interesting concept I enjoy doing. The end of Miss Jenny's 'S' word assignment, left me in a reverent mood.  Read: Spiders,Sculpting,Santana,Spiritual (Alphabe-Thursday)

We are spiritual creatures, we find ourselves looking for answers all the time. Today's 2Qs are:

1.  What lessons are you learning today about yourself?  I'm learning not only today, but every day to accept myself for who I am.  I can't be like anyone else.  When I look into the mirror and don't see perfection, then I change what I can and love the rest as is.  I like who I am for me.

2.  How has your life been molded? Growing up, I lacked confidence.  I felt not-so-smart or not-so-pretty or not-so-something.  Trusting God to direct my heart allowed me to overcome feelings of inadequacies.  None of us are perfect. No one can even begin to come close to it, but we can learn to like ourselves for the person God meant for us to be. I may appear to some as meek, but it doesn't mean I am weak.  This is a misjudgement of my character. I am strong inwardly whereas others are not. My spirit may get bruised at times, but it never crumbles. I am lifted because He lifts me up. I feel like a new creature every morning waiting to see how I can grow a little more.


  1. You have an inspiring questions & answers. Keep it up. My first entry for this meme.

  2. I learned that I am a patient person, which wasn't possible until I met SO. I was a very quick to make decisions and take action, now a day, I sit back a let time guide me if possible. I also learned that I could be a "writer", which I never thought of myself's really eye opening lately.
    My mold and the way I was brought up was very strict and very subdued. Women are to be married and career didn't matter...this I fought for myself to not become, but the others like no friends, religious, etc...I was very much brainwashed to live by. I am glad I had overcome most of those molds since I don't believe any fitted me very well.
    Thanks for playing along this week.

  3. I'm learning to allow myself to pass through emotions before deciding on anything, especially when I"m angry. When I'm angry with someone, I'll withdraw (instead of cussing) from them and fume, simmer, reflect and pray, Then when my heart is calm I can go back and deal with what it was or who it was. This way, I don't hurt someone spitefully because I'm angry.

    I'm also learning to be strong and stand up for me.

    My life was molded by growing up in an orphanage, believing i have nothing, will have nothing and nothing belong to me. I've struggled with this for all my life and even now married, I'll withdraw from the things in our home, saying they belong to the husband and his kids because he worked for them. I feel if I didn't work for it, then it 's not mine.
    I'm trying to understand how to accept the share that marriage includes.


  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Today I learned that the more I try including my daughter in daily activities the better she behaves. If i leave her to her own methods of entertainment she tends to get in trouble.

    2. I would say the 2 things that molded my life the most were my parents and the military. with out those i wouldnt be the strong confident woman i am today.

  5. I agree that we learn more about ourselves every day. We continue to learn and grow each day. I strive to be a better person today than I was yesterday. By this I mean in attitude and personal growth.

    I was a very shy child and it took me a long time to get past that. By selecting jobs that required me to interact with groups of people as well as individuals I grew more confident and comfortable with myself. That and the decision to move across the country on my own many years ago are a lot of what has molded me into the person I am still becoming.

  6. I believe that before you can connect with others, you need to learn to connect with yourself, and not try to mold yourself to the desires of others. You really do need to like yourself first!

    Of course, I know who Santana is. What a wonderful musical gift he has!!


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