Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiders,Sculpting,Santana,Spiritual (Alphabe-Thursday)

Jenny Matlock
Thanks, Miss Jenny!

Every morning my husband steps out to greet the wide, wide world the same way by inspecting the threshold before he steps outside. Why?  He looks for spider webs, which must be built nearly every night just for him.

Try as we may, we rarely find the spider(s) that weave the web.  What if we did? Kill it? Sure, we can do that, but then there will be another and another and another to take its place building its webby snare.  Come on ladies, there must be an easier way to catch a man? He's already caught! lol

How does he handle the spider webs?  Should he spy an undesireable architecture hanging from the roof's ewning draping to the porch railing, then he uses his magic wand -- a rolled up newspaper and will make it vanish. *poof* Just like that! And, sometimes, when we return home after dark, he discovers a spider's handy work and must use an outdoorsy magic wand - a twig.

I don't like spiders! Which reminds me of....
At least, I don't have to worry about snakes too much. *knock on wood* =D

Have you ever eaten snails? Personally, it use to totally creep me out to think about having this delicacy. Snails are slimmy...maybe a little fasinating, but truly disgusting creatures.  Why on earth would I want to eat one, right? Well, as it turned out a few years ago we dined out with some friends and guess what? They got escargot as an appetizer. We were invited to try it.

My first impression was to run away from the invite, like a crazy woman. snails? Are you out of your mind?  That would have been my normal train of thought, but I didn't back down from the offer.  Life is too short. Why not seize the opportunity to try something new?  After all, it wasn't like bungee jumping or sky diving.  The chances of me dying from eating a snail was slim to none.

I summoned my courage and speared my harmless subject.  The aroma of butter and garlic threw my mental sensory off as I put the snail into my mouth.  That didn't hurt so bad.  I chewed it up.  It had a rubbery texture...kind of like a fried claim (belly), but not as tough.  I swallowed the bite, but didn't reach for seconds. The experience was NOT as horrible as I had always thought it would be.  However, this is something I wouldn't buy for myself.  It just didn't make my taste buds jump for joy.

My mind is always thinking about being in the classroom with Miss Jenny on Thursdays.  Usually, I begin to pondering deeply seriously on Wednesday what I'm going to pull out of the cobwebs (or spiderwebs) of my mind as my assignment.

While my heart was racing and perspiration trickling off my back...."What was that," you said. "No, I wasn't sweating it because that's what Miss Jenny's class does to me!"  I was sweating bullets because  I was exercising my body.

Let me be more precise... I was in the middle of my 40-minute routine with my personal trainer Chalene Johnson (she's my pretend trainer). We did her Turbo Sculpt, which came in the Turbo Jam 5 Rockin' Workouts video set. That's when I knew my post had to include these two 'S' words: sculpting and shaping.

Pretending to be a cardio diva each day, I work to slim down and sculpt this mother-worn body.  Having children really alters your physique.  Granted, I may NEVER again look the way I did before motherhood, but I'm giving it my all to reclaim what was mine before four pregnancies (only three live births). Mix up your day, throw in a little fun by dancing around the house to do chores. Here's some help to get you motivated with Santana...

Why is shaping important? The number one reason in my book is, shaping gets rid of unwanted body fat.  Daily 30-minute cardio activity, such as bicycling, jogging, or other high impact aerobics burn the fat.

How am I achieving my goal? 

1. N.E.A.T. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogensis.  In other words, move around more.  Talk with your hands and body, foot tapping, fidgeting, ... burns 350 calories per/day.  Laughter (about 10-15 mins)...can burn roughly 10-40 calories. Doesn't sound like a lot, but in a year's time you can deplete your waist line by 4 pounds. Stand up...standing burns 50% more calories than sitting. That computes to 50 calories lost per/hour.   Read more here!

2. I'm committed to being physical. By riding my stationery bike for an hour each day and doing another hour of high impact cardio with interval training (enhance heart speed - normal heart speed approach). Then, every other day I schedule intense sculpting into my routine.  Cardio for melting fat. Toning(sculpting) my muscles to burn more calories while my body is at rest.

3. Diet and exercise goes hand-in-hand.  The biggest thing is to watch what you eat.  Strive to make healthy choices with what you put into your body.  This is easier said than done, I know. I hear your whinning because I do enough of it myself.  Through personal trials and testing, I've learned what the experts say really holds true. Eating protein rich foods truly satisfy you longer.  Make a point of eating at least three meals rich with protein.  I like starting my day off with eggs.  The incredible edible egg contains 6g of protein, add an ounce of light cheese to the equation and I 20g of the 66g of protein needed for my daily intake.

Outward sculpting and shaping pulled my thoughts to inward sculpting.  I am a constant work-in-progress.  My heavenly Father is molding me daily to be the person, He wants me to be.  Sometimes I'm not as yielding as I should be and He has to pound me down to get my attention. That's when He shapes me to be what He would have me to be.  At, I stumbled upon this printable archive..."The Master Potter".

"And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it." Jeremiah 18:4 KJV

The old gospel hymn, Have Thine Own Way Lord, humbles and places a desire within my heart to be submissive to the Lord's call.  How is He molding (sculpting) you?


  1. What a wonderful post, Cathy...a little bit of everything, and all good.

    (Except for the snails, that is...not my cup of tea...Though you're right, not as bad as one might think.)


  2. i'm swaying to Santana's music.:p
    snail is also a delicacy here, and i enjoy it every now and then. the edible snail is not same snail in the garden.;p they are found in rice paddies and rivers. we usually cook it in coconut milk, with wild fern or taro leaves and chili peppers.:p

  3. oops...

    i'm swaying to Santana's music.:p
    snail is also a delicacy here, and i enjoy it every now and then. the edible snail is not same snail in the garden.;p they are found in rice paddies and rivers. we usually cook it in coconut milk, with wild fern or taro leaves and chili peppers.:p

  4. I LOVE coquille st. jacque! All that buttery flavor and the garlic! YUMMM!

    Spiders? Not so much!

    Snakes? NOT AT ALL! There was a coiled rattlesnake on one of the holes of our golf course on Tuesday. Everyone was staying clear!!

    Santana? Great "S" choice!

  5. lots to think about. When I see spiders around the house or in the archives at work, I usually walk around them, then keep my eye on them. And I have the opportunity to stand while working. Have to remember that... plus laughing more! Thanks for the post - enjoyed it! {:-Deb

  6. Well, your post certainly gives food for thought!!! Snails, I love them...not sliming around in the garden, scarfing up the flowers but definitely soaking up tons of garlic and butter and headed to my stomach! I definitely could eat a dozen, then sop up the butter with sourdough bread! Not good for the figure, that's for sure.

    Spiders, I don't like. I've had two five-day hospitalization on serious IV antibiotics because of cellulitis secondary to NON-poisonous spider bites. I can't imagine how I'd be if a poison spider took a bite.

    I am 67 in October, definitely overweight and need to exercise. Arthritis makes it harder. Love Santana...and that Caribbean song, "Hot, hot, hot" to try to work up a sweat.

  7. Following you back! And I LOVE that you have a Pray for Lucy button too!! Kate is a good friend (I actually clean her mom's house.) Small world!

  8. What a brave person trying that snail! I know I wouldn't be able to.

  9. You've got S covered, and I hope when you were sculpting you did a little extra work for all of us who are sitting and reading blogs!

  10. Great spiders and snakes for me ! ! I really have to give you credit for even trying snails...but, as you said, you only live once. ))smiles))

  11. I laughed, because we have your spider's cousin at our house. there is a broom outside the door to brush away webs, and the first one out brings the old paper.

    I'm not eating snails anytime soon, but am trying to do some sculpting, myself. Good luck to you. For me, it was much easier getting soft. ;)


  12. Cathy, loved this whole post except the eating snails thing.


    My husband used to order those in Mexico City and I wouldn't even let him kiss me afterwards.



    Good for you working on your health, too!

    Thanks for sharing what's going on with you!

    I feel like we just had a great visit.



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