Friday, May 20, 2011

Ramble With Purpose

Before I getting going on  my normal posting, let me kindly request you remember to pray for our dear friend, Les Davis.  He's undergoing surgery this morning to remove an aneurysm, which was recently detected.  I'll be sure to update you on the developments. Thanks!

It's TGIF! If you're like me, and I know you are then your face is brimming a chestershire smile about now.  Oh, happy days - it's Friday! The weekend is here.  We can kick back and relax, right? Well...for the most part, yes. 

Sometimes, I'm guilty of rambling, are you? Not today, I'm rambling with purpose.  Let me explain.  Our son attends his first prom on Saturday.  When a homeschool prom was in the beginning stages, I asked him, if he wanted to attend.  He told me he wasn't interested.  I recalled how important this was for his older sisters, you know the prom thingy and that's reasonably expected of girls, though. Anyhow,  I know guys are different and I didn't press him. I asked him to tell me should he change his mind and I would get him a ticket. That was the end of it. Or was it?

This was our family conversation last month.  It went something along the line of....

DH said, "And, next month is Austin's homeschool prom."

I said, "Yeah, but he's not interested in attending."

"Austin, don't you want to go to your prom?"

"Ahhh, well..."

"He doesn't want to go, honey, or else he would have told me something long before now." I interrupted.

"I think it's important that he attend," DH says.

"More than likely, I've deleted the email containing the info, and..."

"Would you like for your mother to find out about the prom so you can go?"

"Sure! Why not!"

"What? I ask you and you say, 'No' then your dad asks and it's 'Yes, I wanna go." I smack myself on the forehead. "You don't have a nice jacket, you need new slacks... where is your tie?"

"First thing, first, Cathy....breathe and find out about the prom."

"Okay, I do that and, then I need to order him a jacket and pants and..." 

"What's the purpose behind this post," you ask.  It's simple...teenagers - who can figure them out? Oh well...the big day is almost here. He's going without a date and that's okay, but he'll meet up with a friend, Rebekka, who he has never met in person, which is sure to be a treat in itself.  Rebekka will be going with a group of her girlfriends.  This may prove to be interesting. for my DS - a circle of girls with only one guy in the mix.  I believe they'll all have a blast.  There isn't any boyfriend/girlfriend stuff going on, so they can all have fun dancing together, socializing, and being well... teenagers.  What ever that means today?  I'm sure herds of teenagers are about as goofy as they were when I was a teenager, you know...when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Check back on Monday for an update on the Under The Sea themed homeschool prom night event told by me through my son's experience.

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How's the weather forecast stacking up for you this weekend? What plans do you have?

Take a moment to relax now with Yanni.

Have a wonderful time doing whatever makes you happy and above all, be safe! Hugs,


  1. Hope he has fun at his prom! :) My sister is 17 and I can not figure her out for the life of me! LOL

    Thanks for joining the hopping fun! :)


  2. The Princess and the TotMay 20, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am enjoying your blog, and also praying for your friend.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, prayers for your friend. :)  Hope your son has a great time at his prom!! Enjoy your weekend.  

  4. Hi! Following you from the Friday blog hop! Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
    - Jessica @

  5. Best of luck to your son on his prom.   Following on Twitter as well!

    Twitter: @claylauren2001:disqus

  6.  Hope your son has a wonderful time at his prom!

    I'm a new follower from the Friday Blog Frog Hop!  Following on GFC and Twitter.Please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

  7. I'm  new follower. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I'm happy your son decided to go to his prom. Be sure and take pictures as it will be a marvelous memory for both of you.

  8. News flash...our friend (Les) came through the surgery and the doctor expects him to make a full recovery. In fact, DH called him on Sunday and he said Les sounded great! Thanks so much for the prayers! Also, prom went well for DS. He had a wonderful time with his so called not-a-date. They are friends only, but why not call it a date? lol


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